How We Can Help

Therapy Services

The Center of Wellness believes in working together to provide thoughtful and expert care to all of our clients. Psychotherapy, therapy or counseling, is the process of meeting with a therapist to resolve, explore, and/or understand invasive or intrusive thoughts, problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings, relationship issues, and/or somatic responses. Therapy is not meant to advise, although recommendations may be made on the client's behalf based on the information provided and the clinician's observations.

Individual Therapy

Explore your feelings and thoughts without judgement and develop your authentic self. Therapy sessions are one hour (50-53min), virtual or face-to-face. Weekly sessions are typically recommended to help the provider get an understanding of the client, the presenting concerns, and to build rapport.

Couples Therapy

The couple's therapy model used includes a 3-1 assessment model. During assessment, the couple will be seen together for the initial visit, each individually, and a final visit which will include feedback and treatment planning. 

Couples therapy is not covered by insurance. It is a private pay service. The assessment fee, $250/visit (min of 4 visits at 90 min), is paid at the time of the initial visit.


CIT Program

We are proud to offer therapy through our counselor intern program with pre-licensed counselors. Counseling interns are master’s level students in the final year of their CACREP accredited graduate program. Interns are carefully selected based on life experience, professional training, and skill level to ensure the highest quality for our clients. Each intern goes through a rigorous clinical training process, in which they must demonstrate competency in providing effective evidence-based, culturally humble treatment prior to being assigned clients. Due to the nature of their work, each intern is supervised by a fully licensed clinician and receives weekly supervision to review all active clients.

Sex Therapy

Our sex therapists work with individuals/couples to help resolve sexual health concerns that affect their social/interpersonal, psychological, and/or biological selves. Many sex therapists work within a biopsychosocial model which helps maintain a balance of interdisciplinary (medical, mental health, physical therapy, etc) services and serves the client as a whole. This means that an open line of communication between the medical provider and mental health provider is necessary. It may be in a client’s best interest to work with both parties in a joint effort to help improve the quality of life of the client. Sex therapists also provide sexual health education and consultation.

We do not provide treatment for addiction or sexual concerns related to legal matters. Please ask for an appropriate referral.