Who We Are

In 2016, J.R. Counseling, LLC, now The Center of Wellness, opened its doors to the city of Sterling Heights. Since then our mission has been to provide equitable opportunities for access to qualified healthcare providers, prioritizing wellness services that attend to the whole person, advanced clinical training and supervision for healthcare providers, and educating the community on integrating cultural humility, trauma responsiveness, and intentional empathy in each interaction.

Helping People

Discover Themselves

Our Purpose

Guiding people towards self discovery through recognition of who they were before we met them, who they are when they walk in the door, and who they hope to be when they leave us.

Our Vision

To be an inclusive space invested in wellness, advocacy, and liberation.

Our Promise

Hope for tomorrow, Live for today.

What We Believe

Our Core Values


We acknowledge that showing up for yourself is hard and we want to be a comfortable and safe part of that process.


We recognize the privilege of holding space in people’s stories.

  • We understand that you are allowing us into your space and the responsibility that comes with that.
  • We understand our inherent obligation to be an ally in the pursuit of social justice.

We are intentional in our provision to provide safety and connection for those that we serve.


We value self discovery as an integral part of the wellness process, and hold ourselves to the same standard.


We are dedicated to the outcome of each person’s experience.